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Dad Blog: Eating Disorder

Del’s been eating solids for a while now and it has been a real challenge.  Not because he’s reluctant to eat or picky or anything.  It’s a challenge for me.  I’m constantly terrified he’s going to choke and I have a real hangup about food mess, among other things. Del is transitioning into the time… Read More

Thoughts on The Last Jedi

The first paragraph will be spoiler-free general thoughts, and then there’ll be a big white space with nothing but spoilers to follow. There’s not much use in me saying whether I liked the film.  Of course I did–this is only the fourth film I’ve seen in a theatre since March 18th and one of my… Read More

This is a post about Christopher Columbus, for white people

Another year, another Columbus Day post.  I’ll keep doing this til something changes.   This year, the police in NYC are guarding the statue of Christopher Columbus in Columbus Circle 24/7, in light of recent incidents involving Confederate statues in other states.  Apparently this statue and another in the park have been defaced recently.  I’m all… Read More