Carrie: Can we go ahead and remake the whole decade?

carrie2013I’m normally the first in line to lecture about the evils of unoriginal movies; sequels of sequels, and reboots, and the optioning of every young adult franchise ever put to paper. But I have to make an exception for the new CarrieI saw the original. It’s great of course, and that last scare still scares, but my god. The fashion. The hair. The sets. It’s very much a film for and of its time, and that time was just awful.

I propose Hollywood spend the next few years remaking everything from the 70s that’s not a timeless classic (e.g. The Godfather, Taxi Driver, French Connection, etc).  They’ve gotten a pretty good head start with Poseidon, Herbie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Getaway, The Great Gatsby, The Out of Towners, Willard, Escape to Witch Mountain, Walking Tall, King Kong, The Omen, The Bad News Bears, Freaky Friday, Superman, The Amityville Horror…

…y’know, nevermind.  I think they beat me to the punch. But can we remake Scarface again? I know it was 1983, Let’s all just forget Al Pacino was so good in it.  Because come on:


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