Am I Offended by That Commercial? Damn Right. Here’s Why.

Yada yada backstory backstory lots of racists on Twitter. You’ve been conscious since the Super Bowl? You know what I’m talking about.

But what concerns me here is what we’re not talking about. Rather than some absurd conversation about a song about America being sung in languages other than English, why aren’t we talking about a multinational corporation commoditizing our cultural identity and experiences to sell us sugar water?


And most importantly, why aren’t we talking about the fact that they used One World Trade to play on our emotions in order to buy sugar water? What, because it didn’t happen on 9/11 itself, it’s OK to just throw this symbol of one of the worst attacks on American soil that any of us remember firsthand into your commercial to sell us sugar water?

We allow companies like this to tell us what our experiences mean, and we allow them to whisper in our ears “Remember when you pushed your daughter on the swing as the sun was setting on that perfect fall day? We were there. Buy us again. Give us more money and you can relive that moment. You can experience more like it, and we will always be there.”

It’s a hollow economy, a complete illusion. What for-profit company has ever taken an action without the intention of people giving them more money? Was there any deeper motivation than that in this commercial? You think anything is preventing them from showing us the worst of ourselves, other than their bottom line?

Is there an uninvited sight or sound in your day that isn’t trying to sell you something?

After the attack so cynically referenced in this ad for sugar water, we were told by our leader to keep spending money. Don’t let them get the better of us. Go out and buy shit. That will keep the world spinning. Like a shark we have to keep giving these people money or we’ll die.

That is offensive. The constant invasion of my mental space, the steady brainwashing attempts by these companies, the dependency of huge swaths of our economy on this emotional manipulation and co-opting of our most precious memories and relationships, that’s offensive. The fact that we are not having this conversation tells me we’ve lost a battle we didn’t even know we were fighting.

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