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America is an Idea

America is an idea. Ideas are like clouds. Seen from a distance they make sense; you can describe their shape, their color, their direction. Get closer and things blur. You can’t define the edge—where is cloud and not-cloud? You begin to see the constantly shifting nature of the thing you call “cloud.” Eventually the cloud… Read More

Edgar Goes to the Store

For Edgar’s previous adventures, please read: Edgar’s School Days Edgar Sees an Acquaintance and It Goes Badly Edgar ducked into the health food store on his corner as he walked to work. His objective was to buy just one item for lunch. He wan’t necessarily healthy, and what he was buying was only marginally food,… Read More

Edgar’s School Days

Edgar hated manning the door during changeover at lunch. He’d taken the job in the offices of the West Village Early Childhood Development Center because, well, it was a job. A thing with a desk and a computer and tasks he knew how to complete, or could at least learn how to complete after a… Read More