Ken Bone and the Public Predator

During last night’s debate, as soon as they announced that the next question would be from Ken Bone and I saw the man who was saddled with that handle, I had about three tweets ready to fire off.

Then I paused.

I realized they were just snarky observations about the incongruity between his name and appearance. I don’t want to be a guy who mocks someone based ultimately on their appearance*. Then I listened to the man. He asked a pretty good question. We’ve BARELY touched on climate change during this election. The breakneck pace of the longest trainwreck in history unfortunately hasn’t allowed for us to consider the long game. He seemed genuinely excited to be there, asking these people his question. He was mild mannered, wearing an adorable red sweater (because he’d split the seat of his suit pants earlier in the day), and you just wanted to hug him.

Then after it was all over and everyone was milling around on the stage, you could see him snap a photo of the set with a disposable camera and walk off. How innocent and real this man seems in a time largely devoid of both traits.

(When I say innocent I truly mean innocent; I assume he’s been living alone in a Faraday cage for two years if he’s undecided at this point).

So as you see his story play out this week like any other internet meme, think about why he stood out so much last night, think about how people are reacting to that, and think about how we got where we are right now.

Also Donald Trump is a monster and a villain and I can’t believe we actually have to ask who won a debate between a woman with thirty years of political experience and a man who has called for the forced deportations of Mexicans, the banning of Muslims, and bragged about sexual assault.

That’s all.


*Look back through my Twitter history; I’ve surely done this at some point.

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