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I sent this email to 119 electors in states which do not require their electors to vote according to the winner of the popular vote there.


I hope the holiday season is finding you well.  I sincerely apologize for bothering you, but I am reaching out as one American to another to make a request of you.  It is an unusual one, but we find ourselves in unusual times.  To put it simply, I am asking you to reconsider casting your electoral vote for Donald Trump.

I can only imagine how that statement makes you feel!  Please just hear me out and give some time to what I have to say.  I’m not here to make an argument for Hillary or anyone else.  I’m here to make sure you know some things, things which I will continually remind you are real, not normal, and not American.  Of course you know you are not obligated to cast your vote for any specific candidate.  You’re in a unique position in that regard, and that’s why I’m reaching out to you.  I’ve included sources as well, credible journalistic sources.  

I’m not a member of your party, and I won’t pretend to make an argument on my behalf based on my party’s principles.  I want to do my best to frame my argument based on the principles of the Republican party, to which you’ve evidently given a great deal of service.  Remember, I’m writing to you as one American to another, not as someone trying to shout across this ideological gulf that we’ve been told is splitting American in two.  I personally find I have more in common with my fellow Americans than I have differences.  This is something I wish the media would remind us of from time to time.  

I want a strong, healthy Republican party.  Our country has done as well as it has based on the checks and balances that keep everything running.  I think that system extends to our political parties as well.  If one party is weakened and divided, led by someone who does not represent its principles, then all Americans suffer.  The tension created by the difference between Democrats and Republicans leads to a balanced centrist growth for everyone.  The GOP believes in hard work and self-sufficiency.  It believes in lifting oneself up through innovation.  Donald Trump has not thrived based on these principles.  He inherited his wealth from his father, who gained it largely by exploiting existing government programs1.  Donald Trump has continued to exploit government tax code and loopholes to maintain his largely inherited wealth2.  This doesn’t sound very Republican to me.  

Remember, this is all real.  It is not normal.  It is not American.

Donald Trump has no plans to avoid violating the Emoluments Clause of our Constitution.  He has openly admitted that he will stay involved in his company’s business affairs while he serves us as President, and that he sees no potential for conflicts of interest3.  It is clear that he has every intention of abusing his position as our leader to advance his own business.  This won’t help anyone but Donald Trump.  And it violates the document that both parties value as the blueprint for America.

This is real.  This is not normal.  It is not American.

Another important point to consider is the participation of a foreign state in our election.  I’m not saying that the votes were hacked, and I’m hoping the upcoming audits and recounts will bear that out.  But I am saying that our own intelligence community has discovered that Russian hackers accessed our voting databases4, and Russian “troll farms” as they’re called helped spread false stories about one candidate and one candidate only during the campaign5.  And, as we’ve all heard a million and one times, Russians were responsible for the DNC email hack–they targeted one party, and one party only6.  The cherry on top of all of that is that we know the Trump campaign was in touch with Russian parties during the election7.  This is absolutely unprecedented.

It’s real.  It’s not normal.  It’s not American.

Finally, I want you to consider the fact that the Trump campaign and subsequent electoral success has given a full-throated platform to the white nationalist movement in America.  There is a reason they’ve aligned with one of the candidates and not the other.  It is not random.  And it is now an association with your party that has been seared into the mind of any American paying attention.

And?  It’s real.  It’s not normal.  It’s not American.

You have a very difficult choice in front of you, and you are the front line defense for America’s future.  I can only imagine the sort of turmoil created when you consider casting your vote for someone other than Donald Trump.  Please remember that what is right is often not easy.  You may fear alienation from your friends and your party, but I know for a fact that more than half the country would consider you an absolute American hero.

Please make your choice wisely, and thank you so much for taking the the time to read this.

All the best to you and yours,

Colin Fisher

PS I made a pledge on Facebook months ago that any time I posted something political, I’d add something cute to offset it. I didn’t always follow through, but I’d like to do that now. So here’ s a picture of my dog. His name is Omar and he’s the best.



So, there you have it.  That email went out to 119 electors yesterday evening.  I got two bouncebacks and three “hahaha you’ve gotta be kidding” autoresponses.  One was actually quite well thought-out and considerate, though I fundamentally disagreed with almost everything the man said.

If you’d like to do the same, compose your own email (feel free to use anything I’ve written here or a script you find online, though I encourage you to personalize it) and go to  You can copy and paste the emails and send them from your own email account, rather than a form email from a website as things like this often go.  If I had this email to write over again, I’d tweak what I said about Donald Trump abusing the tax code.  He’s absolutely abusing it, but unfortunately that’s largely the Republican way.  I’d rephrase that as him taking advantage of what is essentially government welfare, which I know is not something most Republicans are fond of.

Look, I know this is a long shot.  I know it’s circumventing the way things are “supposed” to be done in this country.  I don’t care.  I have to take actions to keep Donald Trump out of office, or in the very least actions that keep his policies from being enacted, because I care about this country and the only person who will benefit from a Donald Trump presidency is Trump.  If you believe otherwise you’ve been fooled and/or you’re kidding yourself.


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