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Separating Art from the Artist

Woody Allen’s recent Golden Globe lifetime achievement award brought to light some pretty uncomfortable most-likely-truths about the celebrated writer/director and it got me thinking about the amount of great material generated by known assholes, and the dilemma that presents to a conscientious audience. First in my mind is Orson Scott Card, author of Ender’s Game… Read More

My SAG Awards Ballot

I just put in my votes for Saturday’s SAG Awards and I thought I’d share them and the thinking behind them. I put this forward under the disclaimer that I recognize how utterly absurd the awards process is and it is completely impossible to compare these performances. That being said I love me some screeners.… Read More

Oh hai

Chances are you know I’m a huge fan of The Room, the best worst movie ever made. You can imagine my delight late last year when I learned that its co-star, Greg Sestero, had written an account of its making that would come out just in time to go on my Christmas list. I finally… Read More

On NIN & Old Friends

One of my oldest & best friends, Keith, was in town this weekend with his lovely wife Jamie.  Most of what happened involved eating.  Here’s Keith in a post-Katz’s Deli pastrami seizure: We did walk the High Line, but they’ve been up here enough now so that we don’t do things like go look at… Read More