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Dad Blog: Eating Disorder

Del’s been eating solids for a while now and it has been a real challenge.  Not because he’s reluctant to eat or picky or anything.  It’s a challenge for me.  I’m constantly terrified he’s going to choke and I have a real hangup about food mess, among other things. Del is transitioning into the time… Read More

Dad Blog: Small Victories

Having a baby is all about the small victories. I think these small victories link up into a chain that forms a walking talking person who votes and secretly likes bad music. We’ve watched Del form several of those links in the five months he’s been here. Side note: time post-baby turns into a strange… Read More

Dad Blog: Relentless

One thing that has struck me about how difficult parenting can be is its utter relentlessness. It turns out that when you have a baby, they’re still in your house after several months. I’m beginning to suspect my son may even still be living with us in four, five years. There are no breaks. I… Read More