Colin Fisher

Glitter Talent Agency


My writing has been featured on Vulture and, most recently, McSweeney's. I was also one of the writers on Backstage's Unscripted blog.


I have twice participated in National Sketch Writing Month.  If you're not familiar, it's a project to get people to write 30 sketches in 30 days, the month of September. One of my sketches was selected for the performance showcase at Upright Citizens Brigade. You can see what I've done here.  They might not all be winners, but they've all been written!

A sample of sketches I have written and starred in can be found at my YouTube channel, Popcorn Apocalypse.

I have several more written; they can be viewed upon request.

Web Series

I've created, written, directed, and starred in my own web series, The Agoraphobes. You can see clips from it in my reel and resume pages, and the whole show is available here.


My current blog is visible above.  

My previous blog, also under the Popcorn Apocalypse umbrella, has humorous entries on both pop culture and personal stories as well as fiction. Some choice entries include:

My Nickname
Ten Totally Terrific Tips for Surviving NYC
The World Is Amazing! RE: Fart Blanket

as well as the Puppy Journals and Job Journals series.